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ProReal is an immersive, avatar-based virtual world platform that helps people communicate in a dynamic and visual way. Built using 3D gaming technology, this virtual reality communication tool is independently evidenced to accelerate insight and change.
Our diverse user-base includes coaches, consultants and facilitators in business as well as professionals working in health, social care and the charity sectors, and in education settings.
Our product development is led by extensive and ongoing clinical and corporate research and end-user input.

I found it really useful. It helped residents to visualise stuff that they carry around in their head, or get it out of their head to look at

Prison Lead Therapist

It made it like easier and quicker to be able to explain things because I didn’t have to speak a lot to explain something, I could just show it using the props.

Teenager in school counselling

It has changed the way I deal with people on a daily basis.

IBM Executive

The visualisation was a catalyst for an open discussion. ProReal helped us understand and see where we are.

SIEMENS Executive

Users were encouraged to bring real thoughts and feelings out into the open, facilitating conversations around issues, aspirations and goals.

Atos Executive

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