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ProReal is an avatar-based, virtual-world software platform which helps people communicate and improve their lives by accelerating insight and change.

Built using 3D gaming technology, this immersive platform helps people create a visual representation of how they experience a situation so they can explore different perspectives, visualise futures and solve problems. Clients enter a secure, virtual landscape and add avatars and props to create representations of real-world scenarios.

Clients experience increased self-awareness and rapid empathy building leading to improved relationships. Costs are reduced by enabling faster and more effective change and communication, without the need to travel. Its use is associated with significant reductions in stress and self-criticism and is being used by a wide range of clients in corporate, social and healthcare settings. Development is underpinned by extensive, ongoing research in clinical and corporate environments
Avatar Compilation


  • Unlimited number of avatars available
  • Colour and size to help identification and representation
  • Drag and drop for ease of setting up scenes
  • Posture, captions, emoticons and inner voice function enable rich visual representations


  • A selection of symbols (or props) to represent various aspects of a client’s world (eg elephant, minefield, clock, mirror, wall etc)
  • Choice of size, and drag and drop enables movement and positioning

Environment and sessions:

  • Naming function provides meaning and context
  • Landscape including a range of locations (eg paths, crossings, gates, woods, etc)
  • Rural landscape to reflect metaphors, symbols, stories and the language of how we describe our lives: ‘at a crossroad’, ‘ups and downs’, ‘in the thick of it’, ‘on the edge’ etc
  • Create mulitiple sessions, all saved automatically
  • Review and reflect back on sessions

Views and functionality:

  • Views from avatars and roaming camera provides different perspectives
  • Comprehensive user management system for multi-client use
  • Create registration, permissions, sessions, password-reset, etc
A ProReal avatar and clock The ProReal castle