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How good are your team meetings for solving problems?

2 Nov 2017

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ProReal just went 'multi-user'! This exciting new capability gives disparate teams a virtual world venue in which to meet.

Up to 10 people can now access ProReal’s virtual world simultaneously on-line. Each participant has full access to the usual features of adding and editing avatars and symbols. The camera functions are slightly different as there’s one shared camera view in addition to individuals being able to view independently from anywhere.


This new capability in the software opens up the potential for a number of uses relevant for any business with teams that are geographically spread. These include:

The experience can be great fun and our early trials have led to new insights and closer relationships. Groups move between facilitator-led exercises and less formal improvisation to harness the value of collective story-telling. We’ve known about the increased levels of disinhibition in VR Worlds like ProReal for some time and this new feature really enables team to bond quickly.


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