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ProReal works with organisations and professionals from corporate, health and social care settings around the world.

We bring the best of 3D gaming and immersive technologies to the mainstream. Our product development is led by extensive and ongoing clinical and corporate research combined with end-user input.

Click below to explore our work in business and health and social care.


ProReal in business

Doing business in today’s complex and volatile world makes new demands on leadership. Individuals need to be clear on their contribution to the strategic direction; teams need to feel safe, have fun and feel engaged; diverse workforces require a range of tools to enable them to articulate what’s really going on. Read more...

ProReal in business

ProReal in health and social care

ProReal’s innovative technology provides its users (clients, service users, patients) with a safe, secure and confidential visual way to describe how they experience the world. With support and facilitation users can label strong feelings and name issues, as well as articulate hopes and concerns, all of which are critical for building resilience and supporting recovery. Independent research has evidenced that the use of the software is associated with emotional and cognitive responses, reductions in psychological distress and building of empathy and insight. Read more...

ProReal in health & social care

We’re really proud to work with clients from a wide range of sectors across the globe.