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ProReal in health and social care

ProReal’s innovative technology provides its users (clients, service users, patients) with a safe, secure and confidential visual way to describe how they experience the world. With support and facilitation users can label strong feelings and name issues, as well as articulate hopes and concerns, all of which are critical for building resilience and supporting recovery.

Independent research shows that the use of the software is associated with emotional and cognitive responses, reductions in psychological distress and building of empathy and insight.

The software is being used by a growing number of health and social organisations. The company continues to work with clinicians and academics – and in particular NIHR MindTech – to explore the use of its software with a range of disorders and clients including adults with personality disorder, young people with anxiety, depression, trauma and eating disorders.

If you would like copies of our completed evaluation reports (with offenders and young people) or to find out about our ongoing research please contact us

The great Dennis Potter used the medium of television to break the tyranny of the printed word which excludes so many. Really fantastic to see how you are using innovative platforms like ProReal to improve the life-chances of those disadvantaged.

Dr. Richard Graham, Consultant Child Psychiatrist, Tavistock & Portman NHS Foundation Trust

It has proved to be a very powerful therapeutic tool which quickly focuses down on core emotions, feelings and issues.

Professor Paul Stallard, Head of Psychological Therapies for Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust

My training with ProReal was supportive, reflective, educational, and inspirational. The team were kind and compassionate. I feel empowered as a Therapist having a very solid, additional string to my bow.

Gemma King, Therapist and school counsellor

After many years of work in the field of remote and online coaching, I think the ProReal toolset has the potential to radically improve how this is done.

Prison lead therapist

It made it like easier and quicker to be able to explain things because I didn’t have to speak a lot to explain something, I could just show it using the props.

Teenager in school counselling

Just what I wanted, what I wanted to express... that’s why I’m here because I had difficulty in doing that...


Proud to be working and collaborating on research with:

Find out more about how the ProReal platform is being used.

Case studies:

SBRI Phase 1 – Pilot evaluation with offenders

Following the successes of the use of our software in commercial settings we had long been of the opinion that it could be beneficial in a healthcare capacity as well. To begin our investigation of this theory we secured a £99,870 contract from NHS England’s SBRI Healthcare programme as part of their initiative to find new technology solutions to unmet mental healthcare needs. This ‘Phase 1’ contract allowed us to conduct a pilot study using the ProReal software with a small group of adult offenders who were residents of a therapeutic wing of a category B prison in the north of England.

Tumblewood Community – Therapeutic sessions

Tumblewood Community is a Wiltshire-based organisation which helps adolescent girls with emotional and behavioural difficulties reintegrate with their home community. They approached us because they recognised that our software could help some of the young people access thoughts and feelings that their existing traditional, creative therapies already in use were not reaching


Films and webinars:

Webinar Recoding: Virtual-world tech in Mentalization-based treatment

SBRI Phase 2 – ProReal platform use in school counselling is associated with reductions in psychological distress

ProReal – the story to tell

Self-compassion in the ProReal software

Compassion webinar – Part I (concepts and research)

Compassion webinar – Part II (live demonstration)

Avatars and the self webinar – Part I (concepts and research)

Avatars and the self webinar – Part II (live demonstration)

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