ProReal for Health and Social care

ProReal’s innovative technology provides its users with a safe, secure and confidential visual way to describe how they experience the world. With support and facilitation, users can label strong feelings and name issues, as well as articulate hopes and concerns, all of which are critical for building resilience and supporting recovery.

Independent research shows that the use of the software is associated with helpful emotional and cognitive responses, reductions in psychological distress and building of empathy and insight.

"Avatar-based Interventions (ABIs) affected the use of time by accelerating the speed of accessing and processing client material. Participants found that using ABIs had similar outcomes in a shorter amount of time than traditional forms of therapy. This can have potential benefits for organisations offering time-limited therapies, such as the NHS which typically offer 6-12 sessions.”

*2019 independent evaluation based on interviews with therapists using a range of Avatar Based Interventions, including ProReal.

ProReal is being used by a growing number of health and social organisations. We work with clinicians and academics – and in particular NIHR MindTech – to explore the use of ProReal software with a range of disorders and clients including adults with personality disorder, young people with anxiety, depression, trauma and eating disorders.

Proud to be working and collaborating on research with:

Case Studies

ProReal Software in a Prison Setting- a Pilot Evaluation

Pilot evaluation to assess the feasibility of using the ProReal software in a prison setting and to evaluate the impact it has on participants' levels of psychological distress, interpersonal difficulties and achievement of personal goals. Following the successes of the use of ProReal software in commercial settings, we were encouraged by clinicians to explore the potential benefits of using ProReal in healthcare settings. We secured a £100K contract from NHS England’s SBRI Healthcare programme as part of their initiative to find new technology solutions to unmet mental healthcare needs.

Tumblewood Community- Using ProReal in Theraputic Sessions for Young People

The ProReal software was used in therapeutic sessions with 11 to 13 year-old girls with emotional and behavioural difficulties and where engagement using traditional therapeutic methods was challenging. Tumblewood Community is a Wiltshire-based organisation which helps adolescent girls with emotional and behavioural difficulties reintegrate with their home community. They approached ProReal because they recognised that our software could help young people access thoughts and feelings...