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ProReal Support

Client Support   Facilitator Support

Quick Start Guide for Clients

ProReal is a creative way to express what’s going on for you so you can resolve difficult situations with the help of a ‘Facilitator’ (could be a coach, counsellor or other trained helping professional). You will use Avatars and symbols to represent people, situations, feelings etc. The software is designed to be intuitive so you can enjoy the experience of playing with it. It will help expand your self-awareness and help you discover new insights about you and your situation.

  1. Watch “Getting started video” to learn quickly for the use of ProReal
  2. Complete registration and access to ProReal

    Watch your mailbox for the registration email sent by It’s generated automatically after your Facilitator set up your access to ProReal.

    If you didn’t receive the email please look in your spam folder as sometimes it might be redirected there. If you still can’t find it – please contact your Facilitator.

    After registration you will be prompted to start ProReal in your web browser.

    Note: It’s working with all modern browsers (Edge, Firefox, Chrome or Safari)

  3. Prepare for the session

    Practice navigation before the session with the facilitator if you have time. You can access this exercise to play with the software beforehand. Don’t worry if you’ve not managed to practice as your facilitator will be able to guide you.


    • Make sure you can be in a space when you can speak openly with your Facilitator. If this is difficult for you we suggest using chat to communicate with your Facilitator.
    • Try to use a headset for better audio quality and privacy.
  4. During the session

    Although you might follow your Facilitators instructions and suggestions at first you will decide what to show when setting out a scene with using avatars and symbols. Try experimentation – you can always delete or change if you do not like it.

    It is important to name all the objects you are adding to the scene.


    • Discuss with your Facilitator about access to the VR World you’ve created after the session so you can reflect on your own. You can always consider taking some screenshots if it helps remind you of important aspects.

Frequently asked questions

Registration email should land in your mailbox a few minutes after your Facilitator registered you for access to ProReal. If it’s not there, please check spam folder before contacting your Facilitator for help.

By default you will be prompted to start ProReal in the web browser. Make sure you are using one of the latest web browsers i.e. Edge, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Check for the most up-to-date version of the browser. It might happen that the one you are using has not been updated for a long time.

Yes, you can start ProReal on iPad through the browser as well as on tablet

We are working on it. It’s not optimized yet to be used easily on smartphones

For ProReal itself we recommend min 1MB/s of broadband Internet network. Upload and download speeds can be checked by searching for “Internet speed test”

ProReal is not using a lot of networking, however together with communication software like Zoom, Teams or other it may require a lot of your computer performance. Consider closing other applications which are using internet in the background or turn off webcam. Make sure your internet signal/connection is strong if you connected through WiFi.

Useful video links

ProReal: The Story to Tell
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Adding and editing objects
How to use symbols in ProReal

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